-:¦:- Sacred Sound Workshops -:¦:-

Sacred Sound I Saturday February 20th 2010
Sacred Sound II Sunday February 21st 2010
Sacred Sound III March 13th and 14th 2010

Sacred sound is the application of sound and music within the framework of health and well being. It is an opportunity to discover how sound and music directly affect us, on every level, and to begin to consciously select what we allow into our lives in the form of sound and music. This is an introductory workshop in sound healing.

We will be breathing, listening and singing together!

In SSI & SSII you will learn:

* the practice of conscious listening
* history, lore and symbolism of sacred sound
* toning, mantra, meditation, song and silence
* techniques to deepen your awareness of sacred sound
* primary concepts of the physical properties of sound
* SSII builds upon the work of the previous day
* workshop materials are included with the fee

In SSIII you will learn:

* practical application of sound on the body
* daily exercises to deepen your awareness of sacred sound
* sound healing techniques to integrate into your practice
* toning, mantra, breathing meditation, listening meditation, song and silence
* sympathetic vibration; colour correspondences; emotional release through sound
* Attunement and Reflection
* workshop materials are included with the fee
* SSIII is a full weekend of sound healing techniques & applications!

Sound and Music directly affect us each and everyday, and as we begin to apply this knowledge and experience to our daily lives, with practice, we can begin to consciously affect our life experience with sound and music.

Prerequisite SSI: None – simply an interest to play & learn!
Prerequisite SSII: Previous SoundWork or SSI
Prerequisite SSIII: SSI & SSII

Fee: $98.00 per day

Incentive: Sign up for SSI, II, & III and save 15% = $333.00

Please Contact: jeremy@sacredsound.ca to register today!

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