SEPTEMBER 21st / 22nd / 23rd 2012

Join us for the fourth annual Ottawa Sound Healing Conference on September 21st, 22nd and 23rd. You will experience a wide range of workshops, talks and performances, all designed to allow you to explore sound and its different therapeutic modalities.

We are excited about the workshops submissions and live concert performances. Expect this year’s conference schedule to be released Monday September 10th! ;-)


Much more than just a conference, this event aims to showcase interactive and experiential workshops, dancing, drumming, singing, chanting, musical yoga, intensive sound healing sessions and a panorama of live music with many indigenous instruments.

Canada’s capital is fast developing into a hub for the exploration, experience, learning and practice of “Sound Healing”. For the fourth year, Ottawa – as one of the few capitals on the planet – will host a substantial, intellectual, enchanting 3 Day Event exploring one of the constituting forces in this universe: SOUND!  It does not matter if you have ever payed attention to it’s importance! Find out about the phenomenon – surprise yourself: SOUND! – there is more than meets the eye!

Come on out and discover what all the “noise” is about!

The Ottawa Sound Healing Conference ~ September 21st to 23rd at Saint Paul’s University.

Become part of this growing community!  We look forward to welcoming you!

What is Sound Healing all about?
Sound Healing is an alternative form of health care and a therapeutic field which is rapidly growing due to its qualities and effectiveness. Sound Healers and Practitioners may incorporate voice, crystal bowls and ancient Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums and other indigenous instruments, as well as tuning forks and sound tables in a variety of therapeutic modalities. There is a focus on conscious intention for healing, wellness and growth on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

Get your tickets at select vendors in and around the Ottawa Ontario area.


Schedule to be released Mon, 10th Sept

We are working on this year’s conference schedule to be released Monday September 10th


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For press inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, contact Maike at SonicSpiritOttawa@gmail.com or by phone at 613-614-1611.

Conference Tickets

Advance Passes now available.

Please Note: As a courtesy to others refrain from wearing scented products.

Ticket Locations

Serendipity Books & Gifts
1337 Wellington Street West, Ottawa ON

Singing Pebble Books
202 Main Street, Ottawa ON

Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is coming soon.


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