CD Release – Johannes Welsch – Schizophonia 17/09/2011

The Niyamah Collective & Johannes Welsch present –

The artists of The Niyamah Collective return once again to The Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Hintonburg – to bring you – a theatrical interpretation of the latest CD by Composer/Producer/Recording Artist Johannes Welsch – Schizophonia !


This is a privately licensed event – RSVP – Reception to follow –




Ottawa, August 29, 2011 – Announcing the SCHIZOPHONIA CD release event at Patrick John Mills Art Gallery in Ottawa on September 17, 2011 –

Percussionist Johannes Welsch will release the album “SCHIZOPHONIA” –  comprised of spoken word pieces, instrumentals and ecstatic drumming. Boldly challenging cultural norms through its style and form this musical art piece is non-traditional and radically brilliant. Much of the trance like drumming is deeply rooted in mysticism. The work will first be presented to the public at Patrick John Mills Art Gallery in Ottawa on Saturday, September 17. On this occasion the hidden themes within the multiple layers of this experimental recording will be revealed through dance and theatre. Welsch hopes that in this way participants will not be overwhelmed by their initial encounter with the material and will readily find access to the depth of the music. The evening promises to be a genuine artistic event.

Welsch, an eccentric musician, started drumming before the age of 10 in Saarlouis, Germany, where he grew up during the 1960’s. In this time and place the drum kit was not considered a serious musical instrument and formal education for the instrument did not exist. Welsch thus developed a unique style of drumming characterized by erratic, disjointed rhythms and complex, often frantic phrases. He has always looked at playing the drum kit as a powerful expressive force in its own right.  His personal compositions never hesitate to employ the drums as a lead instrument. Over the last decade Welsch has contributed to 12 studio albums featuring artists such as The Cottonmouth Band, Johnny Black, blues guitarist Damon Foreman and Ottawa’s avant-garde trio Sudden Cosmic Dissolution. SCHIZOPHONIA is his third solo album.

In 1993 Welsch began exploring the more mystical aspects of music and started creating soundscapes with a unique collection of gongs. Since then he has played countless meditative performances in Germany, the US and, more recently, Canada. Some of the fine gongs in his collection are 5 feet in diameter. He currently offers monthly performances at his cultural centre, The Dunrobin Sonic Gym. Many experiencing these intense soundscapes find themselves in an altered state at the end of the performance.

100 first edition copies of SCHIZOPHONIA, numbered and hand-signed, will be available to guests attending the album release event at Patrick John Mills Art Gallery. SCHIZOPHONIA will subsequently be on shelves at select local record stores, distributed through independent channels and also be for sale on

SCHIZOPHONIA CD release at Patrick John Mills Art Gallery

September 17, 2011 from 7:30 pm to 10 pm

Performance Art Program from 8 pm to 9 pm

Reception With The Artists from 9 pm to 10 pm

Address: 286 Hinchey Avenue, Ottawa


Admission: FREE




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