An evening of art & sound healing singing bowls 03/06/2012

"AN EVENING OF SINGING BOWLS"  with Jeremy Sills 718 Fielding Dr K1V 7G5 Ottawa Claudia Salguero Studio and Gallery Sunday June 3rd

Sunday June 3rd 2012 @ 7:00pm

Location: Claudia Salguero Studio and Gallery
718 Fielding Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 7G5

A 45 minute introductory concert to the healing sounds of crystal and nepalese singing bowls with Jeremy Sills.  Followed by a Q&A discussion to answer any questions about how sound & art relate to the body, to mandalas, and spirit with Claudia Salguero !

As an invitation to join Claudia for a weekend workshop of :

MANDALAS, ART & SPIRIT Workshops by Claudia Salguero

I am an artist convinced of the power of energy, and of art as a medium to strengthen it and to express it.  This energy is processed in the Centers of energy in our bodies or Chakras, that we will learn to use as tangible every day tools trough the creation of Mandalas.
Workshops in English and Spanish available.


A self-discover workshop 
Mandala seeds 

 What are Mandalas? They are representations of the Universe (internal and external) that contain and transmit messages, intentions and deep meanings which are unique to us and/or universal.

What are the force centers in our bodies or Chakras?
They are the points in our body where we receive, transmit and process the energy that nourish our power of spirituality, intuition, communication, compromise, realization, joy and grounding. 

And Art? Art is the wonderful vessel which will take us to create 7 Mandalas in 7 different artistic techniques. One for each center of energy in our bodies and each with its own unique personal purpose. 


Why Mandalas, Art and Spirit? Because I am an artist convinced of the power of energy, and of art as a medium to strengthen it and to express it. The principal objective of this workshop, where we combine artistic creation and self-reflection, is to share with you a way to perceive and to use these centres of energy as tangible tools in our day-to-day lives.



Philosophy behind this workshop: Each participant will enjoy a creative space to reflect on the function of these energetic centres and how each of them can help us to heighten our potentials and to discover our limitations. This is the key to focus our energy and to realize our projects and the creation of Mandalas is a fantastic instrument to achieve it. This will be a unique process to the individual. There are no better therapists than ourselves if we learn to reflect and organize our thoughts. 
This workshop will unfold over Saturday and Sunday. We will open each day with a special Chakra Tuning Meditation. Throughout the sessions we will talk about the function and meaning of each energy center after which we will immerse ourselves into a space for reflection and active meditation through the artistic creation of a Mandala. At the end of the workshop each participant will have created seven Mandalas, each embodying a personal reflection about the potential that each energy centre has in the attainment of our ideals. 

I encourage participants to acquire notions about Chakras and Mandalas to make the most out of this workshop.



Workshop in Spanish: Jun 9 and 10, 2012

Workshop in English: June 23 and 24, 2012

Saturday 9:00am to 7:00 pm  – Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Claudia Salguero Studio & Gallery – Mooney’s Bay, Ottawa, ON

Fee: $300 – Art supplies included and yours to take home.

Bring your own lunch. Refreshment provided.

Limited to 10 participants. 



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