CONCERT – Shamanic Fire Quest with Bernadette Kaye 16/06/2013


2 Hour Shamanic Healing Concert

Jeremy Sills & Bernadette Kaye

Sunday June 16th 2013


175  Richmond Rd.
Parking lot in front
(Note Signs on building to find entrance under main Awning )

$50 at the Door

(<—- painting by Marjoli)


Hello to all of you,

 I am very pleased (and I mean that!) to let you know that Jeremy Sills and myself will be giving a shamanic concert on Sunday June 16th at 7h30.  Please note that the venue is different than usual.  The concert will be given at 175 Richmond road (almost across from Loblaws in Westboro, so not too far from the usual Masonic temple).  Doors open at 7 pm, cost is 50$.

 Jeremy is  back from a spiritual journey in Peru and is bringing back some of the magic of the Andes.  This magic is very ancient and more present than ever since the planet shift of our last Solstice. As some of you have shared with me, sound and other shamanic energies now dance deeper in all of us and we are very much looking forward to creating a healing web of sound for all attendees and beyond.

 Marjoli will paint our alchemical sounds with her usual open heart and her uncanny talent to capture unto canvas the energies born on such nights in the concert hall.  She will paint our sounds on a few small canvases.  Each canvas will be available for sale at the end of the concert.  Know that each of her paintings is more than just colours: the paintings are a matrix on which our healing sounds will live for a long, long time.  May you be so blessed as to have one singing on one of the walls of your home.

 This concert is not part of a series and we are not certain when the one after that will be.  As some of you may know, Jeremy and I travel quite a bit and our schedules does not often dovetail…but they do on June 16th.

 This concert is close to the Summer Solstice and so the theme of the sun and fire will be the focus of the concert.  Fire is the passion and the drive that inspire us to come to this planet and fulfill our purpose…..even when we are not certain of what our purpose may be.  The story of our spiritual quest is as old as our souls and it is the story of all of us on the spiritual path…..a search for love, for our

On June 16th, it is our intent to nurture the alchemical magic that is necessary to create our own reality.  Jeremy and I will create a sound blanket for you to go to your dream space, where all your creative spark awaits you.  Since our last concert, I know that our shamanic sound healing is deeper, more connecting and perhaps closer to our true core. May you dream of who you truly are.  May you dream of your Essence.  May you dream You, in all your love and your radiance! Fire, our transformation and our quest to reach the divine.

 Oh, and please remember to bring blancket, pillows and other comforts.

Love and Light,

Bernadette & Jeremy

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