Ecstatic Dance ONE DAY Retreat 6/08/2011

Ecstatic DanceHello to all, 

I hope that this time of summer has been one of Joy and Growth. The past couple of months for me have been an incredible transformation as I have moved through the rite of passage of motherhood and have begun the journey of this walk. In March i gave birth to a little boy named Raven, and through this birth i was re birthed into a new woman. I give thanks to so many of you for all your support through this time of change. And for the change you are moving through in your own life in this moment. 
I have been inspired to Co-host another dance retreat, themed SERVICE. How to stand in the path of mastery ,hone our gifts and bring them back to a place of service.

One of my teachers would often say that a true master IS Service. As said in the the path of the Bodhisattva, On behalf of all sentient beings i do this work.   

This Retreat is devoted to the language of movement. To watch what arises as we dance. The body speaks a language of its own, and many of us do not take the time to listen and learn that language. If you feel inspired to attend this amazing day, be in your body, be in community and dive deep, COME.
If you want to come but cost is an issue please fire an email my way as we are happy to work something out. This said may you sit in the seat of your abundance!!

Details are below 

may spirit guide your way

naomi athena

Dance and it shall be revealed. This August we will be participating in a powerful day of transformation and Growth. Get strong and Healthy. Using Rhythm, Movement and Sound, Explore and investigate body and spirit. Led by a host of skilled facilitators and Musicians, We will dance, we will move, we will take a powerful journey together. Taking place at the incredible sonic gym, on beautiful forested Land only 20 minutes from Ottawa.

Deforestation, political upheaval, war, tsunamis: When we tune into our family here and around the globe, we can become overwhelmed and feel helpless, become apathetic or shut down. Knowing that we are all connected, that we are all one people, how can we offer to the world at large with who we are? Be bold and courageous, Express our truth, Walk in community, express boundaries and stride in Love.

The theme for this Retreat is SERVICE- how can we step into our own personal Mastery, hone our gifts, and bring them back into a place of service. We will dance this, dive into this and explore what arises.

AUG 6th 10am-10pm
Dance, Movement and Sound

25 Gongs from all over the world
20 Crystal & Nepalese Singing bowls
Hand Drums,Congas, multitude of percussive instruments
Peruvian Whistling Vessels

ElaboRhythm and Ecstatic Dance 

Ride shares are available and encouraged
$ 80 Early Bird Tickets or $95 at the door. Tickets sold at Serendipity Books and Singing Pebble Books ~ and online via PAYPAL
***Organic Healthy Snacks included*** 🙂


 $80.00 early bird ticket

*** Scholarships will be considered

Dunrobin Sonic Gym​ite/dunrobinsonicgym/
2909 Torwood Drive
Dunrobin, ON

Comfortable clothes to move in
a journal
and a water bottle 

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