Ecstatic Dance Retreat – 23/10/2010

Ecstatic Dance Harvest Moon Retreat

Spirit visits the dancer by invitation. When this happens, the dancer disappears and becomes the dance… We then are transformed … So dance your tears and your joy and let your heartbeat become the breath of creation, and today attune your body to the timeless mystery of life’s sacred dance.”                                -Frank Natale ‘Trance Dance’

Harvest Moon Ecstatic Dance Retreat

The last Ecstatic Dance Journey of the year, this 23rd of October we will hold space to release, retreat, recover and recreate. Dance has always been used as a spiritual practice in cultures found around the world. Dance in the past was reserved as a way to move into altered states of consciousness, a way to experience divinity. As dance has become purely recreational, we forget its power and potential to move us into the sacred and into our bodies. It truly has the power to heal and reconnect the disenchanted parts of ourselves with our Soul.

This Harvest Moon will hold Journey dances through the day, ending in a Crystal Bowl and Gong concert led by Jeremy Sills and Johannes Welsh. We will ebb and flow into small circles in between in order to foster a space of safety and community within the group.

This journey will take place at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym on Saturday October 23, from 11am-6pm. Refreshments and light snacks provided, as well as paints and art supplies for people to express themselves through color and texture, a path for walks out in the woods and the garden orchard.

Facilitators – Dodie Sobreto, Naomi Athena, Barclay McMillan,
Music – Jeremy Sills, Johannes Welsch, Devin Johnstone

$60.00 in advance ($70.00 at the door )
Tickets can be bought at serendipity books, or Singing Pebbles or email
Rides and carpooling available to the sonic gym, contact for details: 613.627.5475

A portion of funds will be donated to “Freeing the Human Spirit” an amazing organization that works to bring Dance and Meditation to Prisoners.

An opportunity to invest and love your body and spirit. Tap into your creative energy and Dance like you have never danced before!!
A Transformative Experience Guaranteed!!
The last Ecstatic dance retreat was Incredible: some quotes from the last retreats attendees:

“Thank you so much! I wish the retreat could have been 2 days longer! We really enjoyed ourselves and it was well worth our 5 hour long drive.”

“There are a lot of events and retreats but this was truly a day that connected us to each other and our hearts”

“Thank you so much. The Ecstatic dance retreat will definitely be one of the highlights of my year.”

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