ECSTATIC DANCE: standing waves – with Naomi Athena & JAMS 19/04/2013

Ecstatic Dance: Standing Waves

Standing Waves- A term used in the study of Harmonics :A vibration of a system in which some particular points remain fixed while others between them vibrate with the maximum amplitude. This creates a state of resonance. A state of Harmony.Just because something doesn’t appear to be moving doesn’t mean it’s not moving. Life is in motion.

When we can focus our attention to notice the hidden parts of ourselves, the still parts of us, the crazy parts, the ugly parts, the beautiful parts, the creative majestic parts of ourselves to be in a space of free movement, to ride the wave in its fullness, When we dance all us, in full acceptance, and love. Something magical can happen. Like a standing wave. A pure creative masterpiece that is vibrating so intensely it actually appears to be completely still.

Come Explore. Come Dance

Surround Circle Yoga (old ottawa south)
15-20$ donation
Friday April 19th
8:00pm – 9:30pm

15 Aylmer Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5G4

Surround Yoga


Cultures all around the planet have always used dance to journey into the sacred. To dance into the space of no mind and connection.
A way to move that which cannot be spoken.
Dance the story, Dance the Pain, Dance the Joy and come deeper into who we are.

Join us this Friday night. Because Its just SO FUN!
Be in community, Sweat, , Shake, explore, , Cry, Open, Shout, play, Sit, Still, Pray, Think, Cocoon, Go Wild, Express, Awaken,…. Dance this new year into your bones, muscles, nerves and cells.

DJ’d and Live Music and Crystal Bowls- Jeremy Sills
Facilitator – Naomi Athena

Tea and Gluten free treats to share after in Post Dance Bliss : )

No experience necessary
Everyone welcome!!

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