ECSTATIC DANCE – with Saira Monica & DJ JAMS 22/11/2013

Friday November 22nd 2013

time: 8:00
place: surround circle yoga
sliding scale donation 15-20$

No experience necessary – wear comfortable clothing


Facilitation – Saira Monica


DJ & Live Music – Jeremy Sills


Come and move your body!

Burn it up! create some heat, it’s getting cold.

Spend some time caring for yourself through movement and breath, unleash your creativity, explore the hidden language held in your bones.

Come be apart of Ottawa’s dance community.

Awaken your happy cells to the rhythm of your heart beat, with the funky beats of artists from around the world.

* It’s coming upon winter solstice.

Let us shed what we no longer need, and bring to life what inspires us.
Movement releases emotions that we hold in our bodies, and brings to life a story that only we can tell.

Shake it up. Breathe life into your magnificent body. Honour yourself. get to know yourself. free your mind. reach ecstatic spaces, express yourself.

Wear a mask and then take it off.
Explore your psyche.
Experience your relationship with chi, reflect on your existence.

And heck… just dance! move, and have a really great time…

…Or if you’re not having a really great time, that’s ok, you can dance that too!
And I assure you your body will thank you afterwards, and you’ll feel lighter by the end of then night.

Happy Friday dance! this Friday 🙂
Hope to see you there!


Dj~ Jeremy Sills, musical magician

Hostess~ Saira Monica

Location~ Surround Circle

Cost: $15 – $20

Ecstatic Dance is a term being used now around the world to describe the ancient form of trance dance. This dance is being used as a healing modality to investigate and uncover parts of the psyche through movement . Instead of talk therapy there are those of us who need dance therapy. To shake, jump, and dance the story and move into a space of the authentic self.

From the Beginning of time we have Danced. We have spun around the fires of humanity and moved to the beat of the earths pulse. We have sounded into the mystery and found ourselves in crevices of the ethers, shaking our bodies into the place where love has made home.


Movement is a language. It is a way to speak what is unspeakable. It is a way to communicate. It is a way to listen. Watch the way a child moves. Watch an infant wiggle. To Dance is in our bones. It is Ancient.

We live in a culture that is constantly telling the individual what is acceptable culture and what is not acceptable culture. We live in a time that is craving a culture rooted in spiritual intelligence. When we release the inhibition and let go into our feet and bodies, we are creating a new culture.

This Dance is a Modality for Revelation. This movement is a path for healing. For Growth. For Deepening into the self
Be Brave. Be Courageous. Be the Dance

Naomi Athena

15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3X1

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