EVENT ~ 2nd Unity Tribe Gathering ~ Spring Celebration ~ 31/05/2014

~We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting for!~ 

Gather with us as we share our vision for a better world! 

Saturday, May 31st 2014

6:00pm – 1:00am

Astanga Ottawa

200-1/2 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2N2

As a collective, we stand for personal & global health, individual & community participation, creativity, activism, permaculture, and consensus decision making. For our children, and for our collective future.

***THERE WILL BE A POTLUCK throughout the event. Bring your favourite vegetarian dish!***

– Movement and meditation with Stef Caissie
– Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, Kirtan Jam Session led by Eric Mandala & Zu Zen
– Spoken Word by Myriah Peace
– Music and Sound healing & Kirtan led by Jeremy Sills and Naomi Athena
-Dances of Universal Peace led by Bob and Marlene Neufeld
– Intuitive readings with Kazandra 
– Original paintings by Aboriginal Artist Ichigo Aki 
– DJ Adam Obsidian 

A little more about us:

As a community of passionate individuals, we strive towards developing self-sustaining off-the-grid intentional communities. We envision these ecovillages as places for people to live in harmony with the earth and one another.
This community is a welcoming space for people to develop themselves and their communities through intentional practices, creative endeavors, permaculture, and communal living. We hope to network with other working ecovillages to foster a supportive collective of communities that share resources, expertise and relationships. We also plan on using our collective passion as a means to mobilize for environmental and social justice issues locally and around the world.

The funds raised from this event will go towards developing an intentional eco-village in Ontario.

Cost: 10 to 15 dollars sliding scale at the door.
50 person capacity

ERIC MANDALA Founder of “Mandala World Music” an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world. He uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has traveled around the world collaborating with 100’s of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multi-cultural world. ERIC MANDALA has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums around the world. He has played Festivals around the world in 6 continents: Salvador Brazil Jazz Fest, Burning Man, Earth Dance, Mystic Garden Party, Eclipse Fest, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Indidjinus Fest, Tribal Vision Fest, NZ Luminate Fest, Kuranda Roots Fest, Australia Solstice Fest, Space Gathering Fest, Kaleidoscope Gathering Fest, Dragonfly Fest, In the Light Fest, Wiccan Fest, Naturopolis Fest, Y2K-X Live Looping Fest, The Fringe Festival, The Mad River Fest, Sonic Fest, Japan Tsumugi Fest, Kyoto International Fest, One Earth Fest, Yamauto Fest, 7 Colour Fest, THe Eden Festival , Peace Village Fest, Mataharythm Fest, Moon Circle Fest, Antaru Fest, Rakuon Rakujitsu Fest, United Cultures Fest, Earth Day Fest, Tanabe Connection Fest, Universal Language Fest, Live Life Fest, Tribal Revival Fest, C.K.S. Taiwan Lantern Fest, Dan Shui River Fest, Spring Scream Fest, Riverside Fest, Malioboro fair, Arma Museum, Parihaka Festival, Prana Festival, Shivaratri Fest to name a few… When performing solo he does live looping & produces Electronica using Ableton Live and plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & kamale n’goni. We hope you enjoy listening
to the music because they sure love to make it! If you haven’t seen this original show yet be sure to catch it as soon as possible!

~~~~~A special surprise>>>

Spoken word artist, Myriah Peace will speak about her hopes and fears with raw expression, come out and feel this Warrior Womba blast her truth.
A Mother, A Sister, An Artist, A community member, A Spirit Womba; here comes Spoken Word and community development from the heart of Canada’s capital, Ma Myriah lives with gratitude in her heart and passion beaming from her soul. She was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.
Surrounded by the politics of the capital she grew passionate about the inner workings of society. Art has been her joy and focus as well as raising her daughter, Love.

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