Music to your ears; in a rare appearance:

3 Jimmys play Saturday Feb 28th
at Irene’s Pub

The 3 Jimmys met while tree planting in the woods of Northern Ontario
near Hearst.  Between seedlings, they would sing themes from Mary Tyler
Moore, Colt 45 Beer, Davey Crockett, Always look on the bright side of
life (Monty Python); these would later become mainstays of their
sing-along repertoire. Tunes that groove and are inspired by the loon,
wolf and night sky: Folls Rish In, How Dry I Am and Lost in the Stars.

This show is dedicated to the Miracle on University Avenue and a trailer-dwelling herb-grower from Geralton–Chameleon

A crazy guy who we met was Old Dan Tucker from Alabama.
The sight of Barhavan, upon returning to Ottawa, reminded us of Little
Boxes on the hill side (Pete Seeger/Malvina Reynolds).

The 3 Jimmmys:
Jeremy Sills– voice, trumpet& singing bowls
Rob Frayne—rhodes, moog& sax
Wayne Eagles—guitar
Martin Newman—bass
Mike Essoudry—drums
Alvaro de Minaya—percussion


Irene’s Pub
885 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 3W4
(613) 230-4474
$8 cover

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