Songs of Alchemy II ~ true kind necessary & complete 13/11/2010

Songs of Alchemy

Our concerts have been baptized “Songs of Alchemy” and will be given in seven modules (do not worry about missing one….you can attend all of the modules or just the one that resonates with you). To see the list and a short description of the modules, just scroll down.

Songs of Alchemy II

“True, Kind, Necessary and Complete”: This concert will be about expressing yourself with authenticity. We will create a song to enable you to say your truth without fear (of judgement etc) and to do so with great compassion and kindness. May all your words be true, kind, necessary and complete. It is the song of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra.

Location -Westboro Masonic Temple 430 Churchill Avenue N., Ottawa, ON

Tickets $50 @ the door

Doors open @ 7pm

Songs of Alchemy II

The intent and theme of this shamanic concert is about expressing ourselves with kindness, truthfulness and honour.  It is not easy to attain the balance of expressing ourselves gently while honouring our own boundaries….what a balance!  Sometimes, the best thing to do is to remain silent.  Other times, it becomes necessary to set limits and other times still, the highest interest of all is to simply nod…..but to tell the difference?

The highest way to achieve such harmony is to have a clear throat chakra and so Jeremy and I will play our instruments -and our voice- with the intent to infuse transparency, strength and love into speech. We will use crystal bowls and other musical healing instruments.   When the throat chakra is vibrant and strong, the words are healing to all present.  When the throat chakra is heavy with anger, victim energy, control or envy, the words hurt and destroy all present.  Words can heal and words can hurt….it all depends on the heart.

As usual, Marjoli will be painting the sounds and raffling the resulting canvass at the end of the concert (buy tickets for the raffle at the door).  Just so you know:  Marjoli cannot “see” with her physical eyes in the darkness of the hall, all the colours look pretty much grey because we dim the lights to play our concert….she feels the colours and the result is always vibrant and quite spectacular….not to mention beautiful.

I hope to see many of you at the concert.  You are part of the energy field that Jeremy and I weave with music.  This is about alchemy.  Alchemy and the Songs of Alchemy (the name of our concerts) is not about transforming you into something new or different.  It is about letting your true essence shine out unto this reality. This is about transforming into what you already are: beings of impeccable speech, full of love and light.

May your words be kind, true, necessary and complete !

Sounds of the Throat Chakra

Here is the list of future concerts ( “songs”) of this series, in the order in which we will give them: (dates are to be announced)

3. The song of “Loving Kindness”: This concert is all about love. Love is the opposite of fear. Love is made of delicious energies such as faith, awe, surrender, trust, beauty and gratitude. If you feel your heart could open more, this is definitely for you. Love is the song of the 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

4. The song of ” Get Up ! “: Will power, getting things done, and presence are the theme of this concert. If your suffer from procrastination, not knowing where you path lies or simply feeling lazy (things you should do and your saboteur comes in and freezes everything), this concert will open the channel to the warrior within, the one who acts for your own good and the good of all. Conversely, if you are a warrior all the time, including with your loved ones, this concert will help to soften any rough edges that may not be so cool when a hug is needed. It is all about balance of true inner power. It is the song of the 3rd chakra.

5. The song of “Letting Go of the Shore”: Over the years, many of you, if not all of you, have shared with me your sadness, fears, frustration or shame concerning the delicate subjects of sexuality and sensuality. There seems to be much pain surrounding sexual expression. This concert is about the courage to leave the “shores” of what you know and the wisdom to find the waves that will carry you into the true magic of your creative sexual self. This is the song of the 2nd chakra.

6. The song of “The Pure Energy of Nature”: This concert is about getting grounded into the fibre of the “here and now”. Without its roots, the tree cannot stand tall. Without our roots, we cannot stand into our own loving power. This concert is about hugging Mother Earth and Father Sky through our own personal understanding of divine love. May we all remember that we are here for a loving reason and that, for this reason alone, we can safely and openly embrace the world we live in. This is the song of the root chakra, the first chakra.

7. The song of “The Rainbow Voyage”: With the last concert of the series, we will close the loop by creating with sounds a final ladder to essence. Some will call it a bridge, some will call it a cord and some will call it the hand with which we can touch the Creator…..whatever you call it, it is the OM by which we connect to the divine. May this last concert help you see that the voyage between the Creator and you is but an illusion….the Creator is already holding you softly….yes, right now, this very moment. This is the song of the crown chakra, the 7th chakra.
with passion for the song of life,
Bernadette, Jeremy, Marjoli

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