Songs of Alchemy IV ~ Get Up! – 26/3/2011

This is to let you know that we will be giving our fourth concert of the the series of “Songs of Alchemy” on Saturday the 26th of March.  This concert is for adults only and will start at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00pm) at the Masonic Temple (corner of Byron and Churchill). Cost is 50$, tickets are at the door.

The energy of this concert is about the third chakra; Jeremy and I entitled this concert “The Song of Get Up!”. It is about being present for yourself in your life.  It is the YES energy that will help you achieve your dreams.  It is the I AM HERE NOW energy that removes all fear, all control, all shyness and all pushing too hard….or too little.

Unbalanced chakras can mean two things: either the chakra is over-active or the chakra is under-active. If your third chakra is over active, issues of control, bullying, yelling, being pushy, angry and loud are probably messing up your relationships with others.  You are convinced that the world is a dog eat dog world and you wear an armour at all times….and it is rather awkward to make love or even hug when you wear an armour….it is actually almost impossible to be close to you.

If your third chakra is under-active, you may feel small, unimportant, shy, unable to take your place in the world.  Boundaries are difficult for you and you may feel that people are walking all over you (and they are indeed walking energetically all over you).  You feel frozen and you procrastinate a lot.  You may have anger but you block it and prefer being passive-aggressive. The peaceful warrior in you is asleep.

The concert is about balancing the third chakra and about being present to yourself and your dreams.  As always, Marjoli will paint the sounds and the resulting canvas (usually there are more than one) will be raffled at the end of the concert.  As always Jeremy and I will play crystal bowls, voice, drums and other quite rare musical instruments with the intention of balancing the third chakra.  We will create for you the space for you to come closer to your own self, to come closer to your own light.

Our concerts are called “Songs of Alchemy”.  The Alchemy is between the sounds created by Jeremy and I, as well as all the energy that you bring.  We create ribbons of sounds and these ribbons are intented to transform us all into the brightest being we can be….a form of quitessence of ourselves.  In the past, both Jeremy and I have received much positive feedback on how these concerts have helped many of you move on to a higher level of well-being (and thank you for your feedback), and so we are encouraged to continue forming sounds that move us on the Path.

I am very much looking forward to this concert and hope to see you there. Please bring your intention of balance….and blankets and cushions to make your body comfortable and warm.

Love and Light

Saturday March 26th ~ 7:30pm-9:30pm (doors 7pm) ~ Tickets $50 at the door ~
Westboro Masonic Temple ~ 430 Churchill Avenue ~ Ottawa

4. The song of ” Get Up ! “: Will power, getting things done, and presence are the theme of this concert. If your suffer from procrastination, not knowing where you path lies or simply feeling lazy (things you should do and your saboteur comes in and freezes everything), this concert will open the channel to the warrior within, the one who acts for your own good and the good of all. Conversely, if you are a warrior all the time, including with your loved ones, this concert will help to soften any rough edges that may not be so cool when a hug is needed. It is all about balance of true inner power. It is the song of the 3rd chakra.

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