Songs of Alchemy VII ~ The Rainbow Voyage – 9/12/2011

songs of alchemy

 The song of “The Rainbow Voyage”:

“Hello all,This is to let you know that Jeremy Sills and I will hold the last concert of the series on the Chakras on Friday, December 9th.  As with all the other concerts, this one will be held at the Masonic Temple at the corner of Byron and Churchill.  The concert starts at 7h30 pm, doors open at 7h00 pm (cost is 55$).

All Chakras are important.  One is not better than the other.  They have different functions is all.  On December 9th, we will close the loop by creating with sounds a final ladder to essence.  This is the 7th Chakra.  Some will call it a bridge, some will call it a cord and some will call it the hand with which we can touch the Creator…whatever you call it, it is the OM – the primal sound of the universe- .  This is the energy by which we connect to the divine.  May this last concert help you see that the voyage between the Creator and you is but an illusion…the Creator is already holding you softly…yes, right now, this very moment.  This is the song of the Crown Chakra.

There has been many times when you have told me that you could not feel the Presence of the Divine….it felt like the divine connection has disappeared from your experience of life.  Even though you knew it had never really left, you simply could not feel it.  It felt like the bridge, the cord was severed. Illusions of course.The pain of such illusions can be quite deep.  Some call it the dark night of the soul. The intent of this last concert is the banishing of the illusion of separation.  We are all one here….one with the Divine, the Dao, the Spirit, the Great Mother, the Great Beyond….God.

Jeremy and I will focus on the intention of the merging, the connection with Spirit.  With drums, voice, flutes and, other musical instruments (I have a couple new ones), we will gather the energy of the rainbow from us all to the Dao.

Please take care of yourselves and bring blankets, mats and cushions.

Love and Light to you all,
Bernadette, Jeremy, Marjoli


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