Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a most ancient form of maintaining and returning to health.

The Word is out, and many of us are resonating with how sound and music effect us each and every day. Resonance literally means to return to sound.  Scientific studies, anecdotes, and subjective experiences are now readily available through social media as if a reminder, a remembering, of that which was lost and now is found.

The power of the voice especially has been de-nurtured in many modern societies.  The fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death.  The fear and shame in and around singing the wrong notes as a youth in a choir is enough to embed the idea that one cannot sing, for the rest of your life.  The Musician has been elevated upon a stage and taken for an idol in the grand pantheon of the elite whom somehow have come to this point in their life with their creative power center blossoming, and their voices heard.  If only the listener knew of the creative potency residing within them, fully accessible through a gentle exploration of the knots holding the sonic past tightly to the mind.

The true stage is the body.  The listeners are the skin, the bones, the blood, the heart, the lungs, every organ and gland; every cell.

…to be continued