The 7 Chakras – Shamanic Sound Healing Crystal Bowl Series

Journey Through the Chakras every Thursday Night beginning March 10th, with Sound Mystic, Jeremy Sills

Having returned from an extended retreat and journey in Peru, Jeremy Sills is back again and offering a special Thursday evening series exploring the entire circuit of the 7 major Chakras through sound and silence. To awaken and joyfully uplift your spirit and experience deep healing for your Chakras.

Thank You to Karen Osborne of Ascension Healing for hosting this chakra series at her beautiful Pineridge Healing & Learning Centre in Carp, ON

We shall be sounding and co-creating uplifting frequency together ! No previous experience necessary.

Thursday Nights Starting March 10th 2016
7:00 – 9:00pm

Cost: $25 Drop-in for any single event – Or, Register for all 8 Events and attend One Free
Pine Ridge Healing and Learning Centre, Carp, Ontario
155 Pineridge Road, Carp, Ontario, K0A 1L0
Crystal Store: Open from 6:00 – 7:00pm (and afterward if need be)
RSVP – 613-470-1888 –

  • March 10th – I – Root – MULADHARA = ROOT/BASE SUPPORT
  • March 17th – II – Sacral – SVADHISTHANA = ABODE OF SWEETNESS
  • March 31st– III –  Solar Plexus – MANIPURA = CITY OF JEWELS
  • April 7th – IV – Heart – ANAHATA = THE SOUND OF SILENCE
  • April 14th – V – Throat – VISHUDHA = PURE TRUTH
  • April 21st – VI – Third Eye – AJNA = TO PERCEIVE & COMMAND
  • April 28st – VII – Crown – SAHASRARA = THOUSANDFOLD
  • May 5th – Journey Through the Chakras – SOURCE ENERGY FLOW

Directions: From the 417 (Queensway) take the March Road/Eagleson Exit.  Go North on March Road.  You will travel 13.3 km on March Road.  You will pass through the high tech area, malls etc.  After that the road narrows to 2 lanes.  You will pass Dunrobin Road and the Old Second Line.  Watch for Vance’s Garage on the right.  After you pass Vance’s take the next right onto Tall Forest Road.  (Do not take the Tall Forest turn-off before Vance’s.  Tall Forest is a crescent so there are 2 entrances).  You will immediately come to a ‘T’.  Turn left onto Pineridge Road and the healing centre is the first one on the right.

Once again, we begin the Thursday Night Series of Chakra Meditations
Always different yet never the same !
Register for all, some or absolutely at least one !

MULADHARA=ROOT/BASE SUPPORTpineridge-chakra-series-root

SVADHISTHANA=ABODE OF SWEETNESSpineridge-chakra-series-sacral

MANIPURA=CITY OF JEWELSpineridge-chakra-series-solar



AJNA=TO PERCEIVE & COMMANDpineridge-chakra-series-ajna jeremy sills


Facilitated by Jeremy Sills, you will have the opportunity to engage your source energy flow through practical and intuitive meditation. Are you ready and willing to explore your innate nature and connection to source energy? Each of the Chakras are worlds unto themselves; and when connected they have the capacity to co-create wholistically with the entire system that is our consciousness. | | 613-470-1888 | Carp, Ontario, Canada (30 minutes from downtown Ottawa)

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