Traditional Shipibo & Sound Healing Retreat 12/07/2012

July 12-21 2012 Traditional Shipibo & Sound Healing Retreat

A Retreat is a deeper way of working with sound  medicine. It involves the discipline and offering of fasting from certain foods, a series of ceremonies and an atunement to sound through the voice, crystal and nepalese singing bowls, chant, and the ancient icaros, to name a few.

The 10 Day Retreat will consist of five traditional Shipibo Amazonian ceremonies every other night starting at 7:00 pm.  Days in between will be filled with yoga, qigong, private consultations, and advanced techniques for working with sound for your self, your practice, and for La Joie de vivre !

People will have the option of staying at the retreat space or to commute from home. It is highly recommended to be living as close and easily accessible as possible to the retreat space as your senses will be heightened and it will be of utmost importance who you interact with. We leave this up to your own awareness.

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