Post-Poned – Art, coffee & The Creative Spark 5/05/2013

Re-scheduled – TBA

May 5th-June16
Sunday afternoons from 2-4


35 Laurel Street, Ottawa, Ontario k1Y 2E6

6 Classes Cost $125
Drop In $25


A 6 week course for Curious, Secret, Emerging, or Professional Artists.

This course is for anyone who is inspired to by creative living.
You will be lead by various Artists through the city in a variety of mediums.Theater, Dance, Music, Poetry and Writing, and Painting. You will explore artistic collaboration with others, as well as explore your relationship with yourself as an artist.This courses foundation is based on the book “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. We will be Exploring Art as a spiritual practice as well as a modality for healing any emotional and mental blockages around living a creative life. We will be investigating the shadow artist in each of us, Self care, Finding your Passion, Artistic Follow Through and Performance, to name a few topics.At the end of the 6 weeks, participants will showcase thier work. As being witnessed is a powerful part of living Art. We will also celebrate week 6 with an artistic party and celebration.A Revolution. A Breakthrough, an Expanding sense of self can happen Anywhere!
THIS is going to be life feeding, powerful, and eye opening

Plant your seeds this year in the creative. Because if YOU don’t make it a priority, who will?

A little more on some special guests who will be sharing through the weeks

Jaqui Du Toit-International Theater performer/director,/choreographer. South African artist has performed in Movies, Commercials, and major theater Productions. She started her own theater company last year, that has quickly grown and making ripples through the Ottawa valley. She is a pure Joy.

Jeremy Sills Sound healer, Singer song writer,
multiinstrumentalist. Jeremy has been studying sound and performing Music for the last 15 years. He has been teaching music and He brings a plethora of knowledge to the table.

Nathaniel Larochette. Internationally acclaimed (slam)Poet and Musician. Nathaniel Opened at the NAC last year for performer Diana Crawl. He has performed all over Canada, and has one international poetry competitions. He has an amazing talent and ability to inspire. He currently teaches poetry and writing in high schools in Canada. Nathaniel is also the creator of 2 well known popular Canadian Bands. Musc Ox and embrace in ashes

Joa Kaur -Mixed Media artist, and Yoga teacher and Author. Joa is an internationally recognized painter in Europe, Hawaii, and North America. He is funny, fun and a blessing to sit with. He has just begun practicing Art therapy this year in Ottawa.

Naomi Athena- International Childrens Author, Yoga, Teacher, Doula, and Artist. Naomi created the niyamah collective in 2004, using art, theater and dance as spiritual medium to raise awareness on social and political issues.
Naomi is passionate about creating sacred spaces for people to open into themselves. She has been holding Ecstatic Dance workshops and classes for the past 4 years.

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