WORKSHOP – Master Key Secrets 30/03/2013

MASTERKEYSECRETS~ Master Key Secrets ~

Removing the Blockages to Abundance, Healing and Manifestation

This will be a Life Changing Event! Learn how to work with Creation rather than interfere with it!

Hosts: Jeremy Sills, Etheric Musician and Doug Henderson, Quantum Healer will assist you to achieve, experience and be able to recall at will the state necessary to transcend any present stuck circumstance.

Where: Subud Center, 357 Wilmont Avenue, Ottawa, Ont K2A 0B2
Registration: 9;30 am, Saturday March 30
Completion: 4:30-5pm
Parking: On street only (come early)
Start Time: 10:15 am
Cost: Minimum Donation $75.00/person
Bring a shared Pot Luck Lunch Gift and receive a $15.00 discount 

Attend the Evening Meditation with Jennifer Bernius and Rob Meagher for a minimum donation of $10.00
Note: Bring whatever enhances your comfort – ie: Back Support, yoga Mat, Blanket etc.
PS: Tell Your Friends and Network!

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