2ND SHOW – I AM – 24/07/2011

i am woman


Hello to all of you,

This June, a group of local artists created an interactive art piece called I AM, coming into the essence of what I AM is in all of us, we had one of the most beautiful evenings imaginable. Due to so many requests for another Show, we are performing this piece ONE more time at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym.  This piece is exploring various themes of the feminine. All written and directed by Female Artists. It is exploring the voice of woman.  Through Color, Monologues, Prayer, Paint, Dance, Rites of Passage, The Sacred, The Profane, the Divine we journey.
I wanted to invite you all to this evening of Dance, Music, Theater, and Poetry all sharing beautiful stories of hope.
love and light
The Niyamah Collective presents  I AM
4 Women
4 Mothers
4 Views of the world
4 Stories of Magic
Amazing Tribal Beats of the didgeridoo, drums and gongs, will end the evening, and there will be lots of space to Dance : )
This Sunday, July 24th.
Doors open at 6:00
Dunrobin Sonic Gym 2909 Torwood drive
Cost               20$

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