Chakra Healing Day 8/07/2011

Energy Healing Workshops

Chakra Healing Day

Friday, July 8, 9am-5pm

A day of retreat for body, mind, and senses.

Spend a day in retreat digging deeper into each of your chakras with experienced Healer and Yoga Teacher Shelley Harrison.

  • Our day starts with a gentle yoga practice to open the body.
  • Practice exercises to charge, clear, and tune into the state of your chakras.
  • Learn chakra tones and mantras to vibrationally resonate each chakra.
  • Experience a chakra entrainment through Crystal Singing Bowls with Jeremy Sills
  • Rest into your true being-recharge, relax, and reveal.
  • A lovely day in the country to relax in the company of others and find your true colours.
  • Healthy lunch included.
  • No previous experience required.

Held at Shelley’s home in Chelsea, Quebec, 93 Ch. Riviere.

Fee: $98+tax 

Register:,             613.220.6863


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