Songs of Alchemy V ~ Letting Go of the Shore 8/07/2011

letting go of the shore

Hello All,

There is sadness, fears, frustrations & shame concerning the precious subject of Sexuality and Sensuality.  In our society, and on this planet, there is much pain surrounding sexual expression….and yet, joy is it’s very nature…..and many of you have shared with me how your spiritual work has enhaced the creativity of your second chakra.

On Friday July 8th (doors open at 7 pm), Bernadette Kaye and I will be giving a concert linked to the second chakra.  This chakra holds the sexual energy, the creative energy (including creating money, art and creating the life that we chose) as well as inner children and our childhood.
A well balanced second chakra means that your sexuality is vibrant and easily connected to other chakras, such as the heart chakra for loving sexuality or your third eye for sacred sexuality.  When the second chakra is under-active, the libido dies and it becomes difficult to create a vibrant satisfying life.  When the second chakra is over-active, there is a hunger for sexuality that is close to an addiction and will give you no rest, no satisfaction and no peace.

We have called this concert “Letting Go of the Shore” because it is about having the courage to leave the “shores” of what you know and the wisdom to find the waves that will carry you into the true magic of your creative sexual self.  This is the song of the second chakra and that is the song that Bernadette and I will channel for you.  As usual, we will have our instruments, crystal bowls and hang drum and a variety of other acoustics.  And of course, Marjoli will be there with her paint and canvas to paint the sounds of all of you leaving the shore and finding the right balance.  She will raffle the paintings at the end of the concert.

The price of the concert is going up by 5$ for a total of 55$ per ticket, available at the door.  The rent has gone up and it was not easy to get a date for this concert.  It finally all flowed into place and we are looking forward to sharing the magic of healing sounds with you.

Bring a blanket and-or mat and a pillow if you wish to lie down for this journey.

with love and light,
Bernadette & Jeremy


Songs of Alchemy V ~ letting go of the shore

2nd chakra, creative sexual self
Date : July, Friday, 8th
Time : 7.30pm – 9.30pm
At : 430 Churchill
(corner of Churchill Ave et Byron St)

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